Digital Nil’s Successfull Facebook Ads Campaign for Dentist genrated 100 + leads within a month!!!

The Client

Client is a premier dental clinic, renowned for its exceptional dentistry services and renowned dental professionals. The client is a distinguished and reputed Dental Hospital in India. The client was using Facebook advertising early on but faced challenges in achieving the desired results with their existing campaign strategy. Despite utilizing Facebook paid ads, the campaign primarily focused on raising awareness rather than driving conversions.


The client had an existing Facebook ad account, so we requested access and conducted a thorough audit. Our analysis revealed that their current campaign objective did not align with their goal of acquiring new leads. The existing campaign was ineffective and costly, as it aimed to reach a broad audience without generating significant clicks or phone inquiries. Moreover, the campaign lacked proper utilization of Facebook’s geo-targeting features for targeting the local audience effectively.

What we did 

  • After our audit, we shifted the Facebook ad objective from Local Awareness to Lead Ads.
  • We brainstormed offers and settled on a dental exam deal with 60% off, including exam, cleaning, and x-rays.
  • Created ad copy and a slideshow for the final ad.
  • Targeted audience within a 10-mile radius of the dental office.
  • The ad received significant local engagement: more likes, comments, and shares.
  • Generated over 90 new dental leads within 45 days.

Facebook ads case study for dentist

Our Plan of Action

To achieve this goal, we executed the following steps:

  • Incorporated feedback and inputs from the client, highlighting the team, treatment procedures, and any media appearances to establish credibility.
  • Crafted visually appealing and distinct ads to capture the audience’s attention.
  • Integrated creative elements such as memes, and dental trivia to showcase the brand’s personality and foster engagement with the audience.


By optimizing Client’’s Facebook ad campaign, we were able to significantly boost their local visibility, social engagement, and lead generation. Remarkable results began to surface within the initial 5 days of the campaign launch. While leads initially trickled in, Facebook’s optimization capabilities, fueled by gathered data, soon led to a surge in lead generation at an accelerated pace!

Client established a formidable presence on Facebook, solidifying its reputation as a premier dental care provider.


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